« The smallest of the Northern Leagues and the most vulnerable, the plains of the WFP border directly on the Badlands, without the mountain ranges that help protect the heartlands of the other Northern Leagues from their enemies. In the inter-League wars prior to the formation of the CNCS, the WFP often came out on the losing side, and they were on the front lines of the war with the CEF. These hardships have made the people of the WFP strong and self-reliant.

Much of the WFP is rural, and there are only three city-states, all of which are military bases. Only those with military service are considered citizens - all others are merely residents. Only citizens can vote, and only actively serving military offices can hold office. The WFP places great value in the concept of family. It’s common for Protectorate residents to put their family name before their given name, and the clans - old, extended families - have built up an impressive amount of influence over the Protectorate’s affairs. To Westerners, the South is a major threat to their way of life, as the Southern Republic, Mekong Dominion, and Humanist Alliance do away with the concept of family. If the South ever decided to invade the North, they would no doubt do so through the WFP. Westerners feel that they have a better understanding of the Southern threat than other Northerners, and while their military is limited, they use it to thwart the South however they can. [1]



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