Smart Glues are special types of fasteners used to bond two surfaces together. These structural glues are composites made of an epoxy-like resin with specialized filler which allow them to rapidly form and serve as a proper load-bearing path. "Smart glues" are used extensively in construction and electronic assembly and are one of the most useful tools for technicians making repairs in the field.[1]

Most "smart glues" are sold in single containers which can have their chemical compositions mixed in different proportions at the factory or in a workshop. This allows the glue's properties to be altered in order to accomplish the task at hand. Of the four most common combinations, the first is a standard slow-forming mix which can incorporate colored dyes to hide (or accentuate) repairs or include reinforcing fibers for a stronger bond. These glues take anywhere from one to six hours to properly set. The second is a rapid-forming mix which sets in half the time but requires extra precaution when being laid lest the bond breaks and the repair is undone. The third uses a catalyst to create a foam which helps plug holes or secure loose equipment but cannot provide structural support or patch up armor plating. The last uses a proper catalyst/impurity mix to harden into a solid paste capable of conducting electricity. While sufficient to to use in place of wiring or even create low-grade capacitors and resistances, they are far more inefficient.[1]


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