« Compared to the other armies of Terra Nova, the Northern militaries employ a very conventional doctrine. Their ranks are filled with specialized units that perform one role very well. While they can fill other roles if needed, their abilities will be best used when applied to their intended function. Northern armies must field mixed forces that complement each others’ strengths and cover each others’ weaknesses to obtain victory on the battlefield.

Slow-moving and vulnerable to enemy fire, Northern infantry units can pack a surprising punch. They can traverse extremely difficult terrain, are harder to detect than combat vehicles and are best able to take advantage of cover, both natural and man-made. The purpose of infantry units in the Northern militaries is to hold terrain where they can take advantage of cover. This allows them to make good use of their firepower, forcing the enemy to either commit a large force to driving them out or avoid moving into their reach. They can also fill recon or spotter roles, allowing fire-support vehicles to supplement their firepower.

All Northern militaries depend heavily on Gears and Striders. Gears are well-balanced combat vehicles and can be adapted to fill practically any battlefield role, providing a Northern force with flexibility. The bulk of most Northern Gear forces is made up of general-purpose trooper Gears. These Gears provide highly mobile firepower, and can fill skirmish, defensive, and light assault roles. Scout Gears sacrifice combat ability for speed and electronics, allowing them to move ahead of a force, discover enemy units, and communicate their positions to combat units. Finally, fire-support Gears and Striders provide heavy firepower. While the North has historically relied on close-range fire support, more modern fire support units like the Grizzly and Mammoth are designed around long-range guided weapons, with close support weapons as backup.

Tanks and cavalry units provide Northern forces with fast, hard-hitting firepower. While lightly armored, cavalry units can transport infantry. Their weapons are frequently used to support the infantry squads they transport. Northern light tanks are well-armored, and are best suited for use in flanking actions, rough terrain, and engagements with lighter vehicles. Main battle tanks have the heaviest armor, and are designed for direct battles in open terrain. Northern main battle tanks are typically built around direct-fire weapons.

Northern commanders must make full use of each type of Squad available to them and must take advantage of the individual strengths and weaknesses within any particular squad. Each squad is designed for one or two purposes, and while they can perform others in duress, a wise commander takes a variety of squad types and uses each in their designed role as much as possible. Simply put, you don’t send a Recon squad to hold ground and you don’t use a Heavy Tank squad for stealthy approaches and spotting. Each squad works as a cog in the machine of war and placing the wrong one in the wrong spot can damage the machine. [1]



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