The Medium Bazooka is a recoilless rocket cannon similar in function to the Light Bazooka. This includes the use of detachable magazines which can be quickly replaced in seconds, and a ejection charge which launches the rocket from the barrel nearly 60 meters before the rocket's motor ignites.[1]

Notable Examples
  • Riley B-3000 -  A classic example of a Medium Bazooka used by Heavy Gears on strike missions.[1]
  • Territorial Arms LRB-17 - Another classic example, able to provide a steady rate of fire for Heavy Gears.[1]

Statistics Edit

Purpose: Anti-Armor/Anti-Gear
Effective Range: 800 m
Penetration: 450mm
Accuracy: Average
Mode of Fire: Single Shot
Usual Ammo Load: 3 Rockets

References Edit

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