The Light Field Gun is a projectile cannon which uses Advanced Hyper-Kinetic Penetrator (AHKP) technology to achieve great range and penetration against armored targets. Each shell fired includes a secondary burn stage and molecular-aligned shaped alloy tip to achieve this capability. As such, it is rarely found on Heavy Gears, being too cumbersome and creating too much recoil to handle.[1]

Notable Examples
  • 90mm Rucker Group LAU-44 - Primary weapon of the HUN-09 light tank, this self-loading cannon has good penetration and accuracy despite it's short barrel lenght.[2]

Statistics Edit

Specification Edit

Purpose: Anti-Armor
Effective Range: 2000 m
Penetration: 490mm
Accuracy: Average
Mode of Fire: Single Shot
Usual Ammo Load: 50 shells

References Edit

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