The Disposable Pack Gun is Heavy Gear backup weapon designed to be stored on the hip or in the backpack of a Gear. The weapon takes up very little space in its folded stated, and is similar to a Light Autocannon in terms of performance. It has less accuracy due to its shorter barrel though, and once empty most are designed to be discarded, though a few models can be reloaded.[1]

Notable Examples
  • 25mm Riley M25 "Pack Gun" Disposable Rifle - Standard scout Gear rifle for the Cheetah, it's also carried by several Grizzly models, stored either under their left arm or on the left hip plate.[1]

Statistics Edit

Purpose: Anti-Gear
Effective Range: 800 m
Penetration: 65mm
Accuracy: Poor
Mode of Fire: Burst
Usual Ammo Load: 30 shells

References Edit

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