An Anti-Personnel Grenade Launcher, also known as an All Purpose Grenade Launcher, is a type of low-velocity cannon used to fire short-ranged, small payload charges. When stocked with standard anti-personnel grenades, the cannon can cover an area 25 meters in radius with deadly shrapnel. However it can also be loaded with a variety of other payloads, including smoke and gas grenades.[1]

Notable Examples
  • 44mm Dimaean Mk IV - Typically mounted on Hunter and Jaguar Heavy Gears, this APGL is built in a barrel-like configuration with each grenade loaded in its own launch tube. When fired, the propellant cartridge also spins the unit to place a new barrel in firing position.[1]

Statistics Edit

Purpose: Anti-Infantry
Effective Range: 400 m
Penetration: 9mm
Accuracy: Poor
Mode of Fire: Single Shot
Usual Ammo Load: 6 grenades

References Edit

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